Tube Lights, Udders and Noses

I remember the hot Sunday afternoons. After gobbling fried Nang fish, we laze around in the front yard. The sky is blinding blue. A strong gust of wind sends seeds of the nearby tree twirling down. We try to catch it as they race to the ground. I hear a voice. Later I see the aluminium-utensil-studded TVL … Continue reading Tube Lights, Udders and Noses

Thoughts on Turning 30

Coriander leaves stay fresh for up to a week if rinsed, dried, wrapped in kitchen towels and stored in airtight containers inside the fridge. This is the most useful piece of information in my life right now. Early in the morning, the sunlight comes through my front door, spills over my bed, travels across the … Continue reading Thoughts on Turning 30

To All the Trees I’ve Loved Before

A long time ago on a bright monsoon morning, as my cousin posed in front of the photographer in her golden-red bridal saree, the sunlight scattered its way through the dew-covered rose plants behind her. When the photographer paused to change his photo reels, I would grab that opportunity to take some pictures of my … Continue reading To All the Trees I’ve Loved Before

My Pressure Cooker is Shinier Than Yours

There is a bloodstain on my ceiling. The one left after killing a mosquito. It is like a careless brushstroke. The brush wanders and the paint fades. When the brush is rotated a little, the paper catches the paint on the other side of the brush and the trail continues but broken. The stain almost … Continue reading My Pressure Cooker is Shinier Than Yours

Memories of Food

I remember rains the most. The constant patter on the red-tiled roof. Water flows down like a curtain of sparkling beads. Everything is blinding green. The wetness is intoxicating. It has seeped into my skin, embedded in my bones. And it has never left me since. I walk to the bus stop wearing plastic sandals … Continue reading Memories of Food

The Old Picture

I was busy correcting the answer papers. Shaking my head in disbelief after reading ridiculous answers. The notification light on my phone started blinking. I opened it. Someone had shared an old picture in our family group. It was taken many summers ago when we got together for the holidays at our grandmother’s house. My … Continue reading The Old Picture

Goodbyes, Keychains and Oscars

I always wondered why people cry during Oscar acceptance speeches. Why athletes tear up on the podium? How can anybody cry when they are happy? On my last day at school, Roshan asked for my number. With teary eyes and breaking voice, he tells me that I should inform him without fail if I ever … Continue reading Goodbyes, Keychains and Oscars