I wait for my tea. The tea guy pours some in a glass and hands it to the person on my right. Didn’t I come before him? He pours another one and hands it to the guy on my left. I definitely came before him. He starts making another batch. How many times he must … Continue reading Tea


The Old Picture

I was busy correcting the answer papers. Shaking my head in disbelief after reading ridiculous answers. The notification light on my phone started blinking. I opened it. Someone had shared an old picture in our family group. It was taken many summers ago when we got together for the holidays at our grandmother’s house. My … Continue reading The Old Picture

Goodbyes, Keychains and Oscars

I always wondered why people cry during Oscar acceptance speeches. Why athletes tear up on the podium? How can anybody cry when they are happy? On my last day at school, Roshan asked for my number. With teary eyes and breaking voice, he tells me that I should inform him without fail if I ever … Continue reading Goodbyes, Keychains and Oscars

Lesson Planning and Other Exciting Things

I miss being excited about things. When I was a kid, I subscribed to a monthly magazine called Children's Digest. I used to sit outside our house, beside the gate, and stare at the bend in the road hoping the postman would come carrying my copy. When he does arrive, he would smile exposing the … Continue reading Lesson Planning and Other Exciting Things