Chocolates, Cycles and Cashews

Cadbury Eclairs. All I wanted was Cadbury Eclairs. I was nine. I would pop one of these in my mouth and suck on it till the insides of my mouth became sore. The outer caramel layer crumbles and the chocolate filling would come gushing out like the first rain of the season. I would have … Continue reading Chocolates, Cycles and Cashews

Doing the right thing is hard

My physical education teacher in school (let’s call him Mr. H) has influenced me more than any other teacher in my life. He was a short stout guy who did weight lifting. He talked less. Smiled rarely. Mr. H was a solemn creature with a rectangular face. He walked around swaying the chord which otherwise … Continue reading Doing the right thing is hard

Beer and conversations

The chilled beer touches my lips and makes its way through the taste glands. With every mouthful of masala peanuts there is a surge in dopamine levels in my body. The music and the dim lighting coupled with the light headedness induced from the alcohol creates a surreal world. I am withdrawn from everything real. … Continue reading Beer and conversations

My Experiments with Teaching

I had a teacher in school who on her first day made us sit like robots. Back straight, hands crossed and perfectly still. Every time a student turned his/her head away from the black board, she used to give a warning shout which was so loud, I am pretty sure it created sonic booms which … Continue reading My Experiments with Teaching