My Experiments with Teaching

I had a teacher in school who on her first day made us sit like robots. Back straight, hands crossed and perfectly still. Every time a student turned his/her head away from the black board, she used to give a warning shout which was so loud, I am pretty sure it created sonic booms which … Continue reading My Experiments with Teaching

Another year to spend

Another year to spend. To celebrate anniversaries. To party hard on birthdays or just stay inside on your own. To worry how old you have become. To reminisce the good old days. To drown yourself in the warmth of nostalgia. Another year to set really high expectations and see it crumble to pieces. To plan … Continue reading Another year to spend

Being a student and being a teacher

I loved school. Everything about it. Packing my bag with two neat columns of books and running to catch the bus are things that I fondly remember. I even skipped important family functions happening in my own house to attend school. Whenever I do miss a school day, there is this constant anxiety. I think … Continue reading Being a student and being a teacher

Listening to an Astronaut and Tears of Joy

Do you remember the last time you experienced overwhelming joy that made you cry? If you do remember, that is great. Was it something that happened in your own life? If yes, you are lucky. I cannot remember any such moment in my life. I have felt it while reading a good book or watching … Continue reading Listening to an Astronaut and Tears of Joy

Are there no selfless good deeds?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Joey's statement in one of the episodes of Friends, where he denies the existence of any selfless good deeds. He argues that any selfless act makes you feel good and hence ceases to be one. We tend to do things which makes us happy. If not immediate, then with … Continue reading Are there no selfless good deeds?

In Search of the Ultimate Superpower

As a child, I had always imagined God appearing in front of me and granting me a superpower. But which one to choose? My life, since then, has been a constant search for that perfect answer. Which superpower is the best? And I am still not able to make that decision. Whenever I am standing in a queue … Continue reading In Search of the Ultimate Superpower