I like to wake up when the sun is bright. When I look towards the sun, I sneeze. For a long time I didn’t know that it was called Photic sneeze reflex. I hate it if I have to turn on the lights when I wake up. It reminds me of the time when I struggled to study for exams early in the morning. I love tea. Not masala tea or ginger tea. Just plain tea with milk. I eat idli with tea. Dose too. I like to take little sips and mix them with the hot spicy pulao in my mouth. My family once prayed in front of a Brahmakamala. My mother said any wish will come true. My 3-year old niece’s eyes gleamed. I asked for a ‘gift’, she said. Her parents can get her a gift and she would be happy. The probability of her wish coming true is high. Unlike mine. I wished to be loved unconditionally. I don’t have an answer to the question, which person living or dead would you like to have dinner with? I am scared of having a conversation with someone new. I envy people who speak without any impediments. Whose mouths spin yarns of words. Who begin talking and thinking at the same time. And midway when their thoughts change, their sentences change too. Amazing. I teach science to kids. My classes usually start with me explaining how a kidney works but by the end, we are discussing the cost of kidneys. Can we really sell a kidney for an iPhone? The other day I called my water guy but he said he won’t be delivering the water cans anymore. He has closed shop and moved somewhere else. Maybe for a better opportunity. He was nice. In Tulu, we have a phrase – Nuppu naaduni, whose literal translation is ‘searching for rice’. He had moved on in search of rice. My dreams at night usually have a lot of snakes, toilets and aero planes. I love movies that make me cry. I was eating Bournville Rich Cocoa when I watched Before Sunrise for the first time. I love that scene in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button when the blind clockmaker makes a clock that goes backwards hoping that it would bring back the son he had lost in the war. When I am washing dishes at night, a movie I had seen sometime back resurfaces in my mind. The characters speak to each other. They smile and fade away filling me with warmth. I get back to my dishes.


Few other places where I can be found:

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! TFI is awesome!! I have a very dear friend who was a fellow in Pune and it was always great knowing how his class was progressing and I used to help him assess marksheets and such stuff, was always great knowing there are some (like you) out there doing something for the society… 🙂 My own contribution is working and writing for a science magazine with the NGO called TIDE! 🙂 Very glad to have bumped into you here.

  2. Hi! TFI fellows can’t stop talking about their class and their students. Every conversation with them would end up about their class 😉 It is great to know that you are doing your bit for the society. I would like to know more about it. Also I found that you have done some freelancing work. I was planning to try it out. Would love to know more about it too. Thanks for the reading. Cheers:)

  3. Hey Avinash! Interesting bio 🙂 I watched Before Sunrise and I loved it! Been meaning to watch the sequels for a long time. You just reminded me again.
    Also, I’ve always been curious about TFI but never quite joined them. How’s the experience?

    1. TFI is a great experience! I have taught kids things they will use for a long time and also learnt a lot about myself. I have gone through emotions I have never experienced before. Everyday is surprise 🙂

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