Souvenirs from the past

Past is like piece of cake, inside your stomach. You can’t savour it again no matter how much you desire it. Only thing that lingers is its sweet taste in your mouth. It does not have to be a cake every time. It may also be a red-hot chilli. But it’s always the cake, which is fondly remembered.

Sometime back when I was at home, my mom decided to get rid of some old things stacked up in the shelf.  After getting rid of some lizards and cockroaches, finally I was able to put down all the stuff. It was mostly my school notebooks, textbooks and some newspapers. The guy who buys these scrap paper and metal articles had come and he started to sort these things. As he was doing his job, I just could not help but noticing that with this stuff there was a lot of memories attached.

There was this set of cardboards (the hard outer cover of notebooks) with which, me and my brother used to make models of buildings and houses. Then see it fall, by making push-back cars crash into it. We also made bridges so that the cars can cross it or fall from the side, recreating some Bollywood movie scene. It was so much fun. Then there was these school essay writing books. I used to copy essays all the time (yes, my writing career started like that!). Sometimes my mom used to write it for me. Then there was this music book which had all Kannada songs. I have no interest in singing. But aah! Those music classes, I really miss singing together with friends. There was also this science club diary, in which I documented experiments. It also contained my feather collection, for which I had followed every bird I saw. I would also miss the 1st standard text books, in which the toughest question was “What did the cap-seller sell?”

The guy also bought scrap metal, so my dad decided to sell him the one thing I never wanted to part with-my Ladybird cycle. For a boy it may sound a little girlish, but yes I roamed the streets of the town on my Ladybird. Technically speaking, she wasn’t mine. She was passed on to me from my cousin sister. But whatever, I loved her. Actually she had many advantages over other ‘guy’ cycles. She was light weight and had thin tyres. So whenever there was a race, my Ladybird always wins! Whether a smooth road or rocky terrain she was always there with me. She was my precious.

Can you put a value for these things? Actually yes, according to the person buying these, it was Rs. 250; paper Rs. 8/kg and metal Rs. 21/kg !. It was hard, but one of the advantages of growing up is you learn to let go of things (Like for example, living in a hostel I learned to let go of daily shower, clean clothes and morning breakfast to name a few). We lived the life to the fullest when we were children, that why we keep thinking about it. Maybe, we have to do the same thing now. As Master Oogway says to Po in Kung Fu Panda “ You are too concerned with what was and what will be… yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift; that is why it is called the present “.